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Demolition Flow

I will do everything professionally.

on-the-site inspection
We execute each and every job with the safety of our customers and neighbors in mind. We have liability insurance (third-party liability insurance) for construction work in the event that something should happen, which should not. Please feel free to contact us for a free estimate. After hearing your detailed requests, we can calculate a clear demolition cost by surveying the road conditions and removing items other than houses and buildings. We will discuss underground buried objects and unforeseen construction work up to the time of construction, and only after the customer has agreed to the work will we begin construction. Check the following points ・Check the construction area and the type of curing sheet. ・Check the structure and condition of the building. ・Confirmation of the neighborhood environment and delivery route. ・Confirmation of construction details ・Confirmation of boundaries with neighbors Confirmation of underground objects ・Confirmation of underground objects ・Preference after land preparation
Based on the on-site survey, a written estimate will be provided, and upon confirmation and acceptance of the contents, a final contract will be signed.
neighborhood (protest) greeting
During demolition work, noise and vibration may cause inconvenience to neighbors. We will visit the neighborhood to greet and explain the project to the residents and give them a small gift. We can also arrange for rituals if you wish.
Arrange for removal of lifelines, retractable piping, and wiring
A professional contractor will perform the procedures for shutting down gas, electricity, telephone equipment, meter pull piping, internet and wired lines, and removing them.
Assembly and distribution of scaffolding curing
Since demolition work involves working at heights, we first assemble scaffolding for curing. In this process, curing sheets and soundproofing sheets are covered to prevent noise and dust, and to minimize inconvenience to the neighbors.
Removal of structures, etc.
Before demolishing the main body of the building, we will remove items that can be removed by hand. Folding, sash, insulation, fittings, roof tiles, interior molding, house equipment, plasterboard, interior walls (decorative panels)
Demolition of the main body of the building
Heavy equipment will be used to demolish the shed with walls, roof, beams, columns, etc. remaining, and dig up and remove the foundation. We will also pay close attention to neighboring blocks and other objects not subject to demolition.
Separation and collection of waste materials
We separate wood, steel, plastic, concrete debris, etc. discharged during demolition work according to the manifest system.
Underground Confirmation Collection
After the demolition of the house, we dig the ground with heavy equipment to check if there is any waste material left in the ground and if there is any concrete underneath.
soil preparation
Once the demolition and removal of the foundation is complete, the land is carefully cleared and leveled. *Clearing the land after demolition After demolition, if the site is to be used as a parking lot, we will lay crushed stone or pave it with concrete or asphalt. Upon request, we will provide you with a construction manifest that visualizes the process, including who used which company to transport the materials.