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What Kouken Kougyo can do.

Kouken Kogyo is engaged in a wide variety of businesses.

  1. 01

    Interior demolition (skeleton construction)

    All partitions, columns, ceilings, floors, and other artificially attached non-structural elements are removed, leaving the interior empty. All electrical wiring, exhaust ducts, air conditioners, and other related equipment are also removed, leaving only the interior space, which in the case of a reinforced concrete building is left as bare concrete. The major advantage of this project is that it can be completely renovated, including convenience and design aspects, and the construction work can be large-scale.

  2. 02

    Wooden Demolition

    The cost and procedure for demolition of wooden houses vary greatly depending on the building method and surrounding environment. In some cases, demolition can be done with simple hand tools such as crowbars instead of heavy equipment. We also maintain the environment around the site by installing soundproofing sheets, discharging water to prevent dust from flying around, and meticulously cleaning up at the end of the day.

  3. 03

    Steel Frame Demolition

    Steel construction refers to structures that use steel frames for the framework, such as columns and beams, and is divided into "heavy steel frame construction," in which the thickness of the steel material is 6 mm or more, and "light steel frame construction," in which the thickness of the steel material is less than 6 mm. The former is mainly used in the construction of large-scale buildings such as buildings and high-rise apartments, while the latter is often used for general housing and small stores. The market rate for demolition costs is approximately 30,000 to 40,000 yen per tsubo, but this amount varies greatly depending on whether the structure is a heavy or light steel frame structure.

  4. 04

    Reinforced concrete (RC) demolition

    Reinforced concrete construction is a structure with excellent durability, fire resistance, and strength, with reinforcing steel and concrete complementing each other's weaknesses. As a result, they are extremely sturdy and difficult to demolish, and can only be dismantled using special construction methods such as the "crusher method" and "large breaker method," making demolition costs higher than for wooden or steel-framed houses. When it comes to building demolition, it is a large-scale construction project, so great care must be taken to avoid noise, vibration, dust, and other effects on the neighborhood.

  5. 05

    Asbestos removal

    When demolishing a building, it is necessary to investigate in advance whether asbestos (asbestos) is used. In addition, removal work requires notification in accordance with laws and regulations, protective equipment such as full-face dust masks, and the use of disposable work clothes. Be very careful of illegal installers, because if they do not remove the materials correctly and they scatter, they can be a health hazard not only to the owner and the people who live there, but also to the neighbors and many others.

  6. 06

    restoration work

    Restoration work refers to removing renovated fixtures and fittings and returning the property to its original condition when vacating a leased property such as an office or a store. Although it depends on the content of the contract, in most cases, the contract stipulates that partitions and other facilities installed for the tenant's convenience must be removed and returned to the lessor. First, it is necessary to confirm the contents of the lease agreement and discuss the scope of restoration work with the lessor.

  7. 07

    Parking lot removal/new construction

    All partitions, columns, ceilings, floors, and other man-made attachments other than the structure are removed, leaving the interior empty. In the case of a reinforced concrete building, the interior will be left bare of concrete. The major advantage of this method is that it allows for a complete renovation, including convenience and design, and the construction work is also large-scale.

  8. 08

    Antique Purchasing

    We are licensed as an antique dealer and will purchase valuable items left behind by residents. If we find items that can be purchased, we can reduce the cost of disposal while reducing the amount of leftover materials. In addition, demolition produces a very large amount of waste, so by being part of this kind of recycling, we can help reduce the amount of waste generated. We welcome requests from individuals as well as from the real estate industry, demolition companies, remodeling companies, and estate liquidation companies.

  9. 09

    Purchase of valuable materials (scrap)

    Metal waste and other waste may be sold for value. We strive to reduce waste by selling electric wires, aluminum, scrap iron, etc. generated during demolition as valuable resources and recycling them. By properly disposing of waste, we help our clients manage their waste, reduce disposal costs, and improve their corporate reputation. Please feel free to contact us if you want to dispose of scrap but do not have the means or time to transport it.